Hiking the Seven Sisters Cliffs and the South Downs Way

We moved to London about a year and a half ago and one of my favourite days in England was hiking the Seven Sisters on the South Coast. The Seven Sisters are a series of rolling chalk cliffs that form Seven Sisters Country Park –  it’s just a gorgeous landscape, a relaxing hike through green fields and along the waves of the English channel, and, though they aren’t famous for it like the Jurassic Coast out West, you could even go fossil hunting if you walk along the rocky beach at bottom. If you live in the UK or are visiting London for a week or so and you find the sun shining – you should definitely for sure be dong this!

Getting There from London

It’s technically really easy to get there from London, even though that day we all checked out and the next thing we knew we were almost in Brighton…So don’t do that!

Take the train from Victoria Station to Eastbourne (about 1 hour 30 mins),

and then take any of the Coaster 12 buses from Eastbourne Station to the Park Centre (about 20 minutes). 

Walking the Walk

At the very quaint park centre we were helped by friendly staff who handed us a map and showed us the route. The park and the hiking trails are all wonderfully taken care of, so once you are on the way there is no need for a map, as you can just follow the signposts for the South Downs way all along the trail.


Once we got to Birling Gap, we were so hungry that we skipped the extra mile to Belle Tout lighthouse – admiring it from a distance – and instead headed inland, after a soft serve or two, to East Dean for the famous Tiger Inn Pub. It’s about a 30 minute walk along the road, past the Seven Sisters Sheep Farm and all its gazillion sheep, until you turn left by the sign for the Tiger Inn. We drank ciders and beers until the sun set, cheering on the 100mile hikers as they came in, and had quintessentially delicious pub food along with other English tourists and local villagers. After we ate and drank until we could no more, we headed to the bus stop right outside the pub (okay, 5 minutes’ walk), and took the Coaster 12 back to the station.

We jumped on the train back to London, and even with our little mishap-detour to almost-Brighton, it was a day of English perfection.










30 minutes along the road to Tiger Inn. Just follow the sheep!

30 minutes along the road to Tiger Inn. Just follow the sheep!




English countryside village views

English countryside village views

sunset at the Tiger Inn Pub <3

sunset at the Tiger Inn Pub <3


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