Angkor Wat Photo Journal

There is little use in trying to describe what Angkor Wat is like in words. (Which is why we’ve chosen to offer some practical advice instead – click here to see what you should expect during your visit). It’s so vast, and so beautiful, and steeped in so much history – even while we were there it was hard to wrap our minds around our experience. I remember leaves rustling in the welcoming breeze; I remember the dappled sunlight falling through forest foliage onto blocks of ruin sandstone covered in moss, I remember the wind in my face as the tuk-tuk driver whizzed us around in between fallen temples, over bridges and in and out of spots of sun; I remember clouds of butterflies billowing from the long grass; I remember a chorus of camera shutters as the sun rose slowly over that iconic ancient skyline. I remember different corners and separate moments dreamily – even our own memories are hard to patch together sometimes with some experiences that are so big.

So instead I’ve decided rather to do a photo post. But even these photos pale in comparison. Partly because Angkor is too much for any photograph and partly (mostly?) because they are actually just really average Sony Coolpix point-and-shoot photos. But still:

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