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Our 7 Favourite Winter Destinations

WINTER IS COMING.  We just arrived in Berlin and it’s very clear that winter is almost upon us. We are freezing, and it’s not even December yet! (It also doesn’t help that we were on a tropical island in the Andaman Seas last week). So, while I crank up the heaters, burrow my feet in …

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5 Reasons You Will Love Essaouira

So you booked a trip to Morocco and you’re *considering* maybe going to Essaouira for a day or two, but you’re wondering if it’s really worth the trip from Marrakech. Well we are here to say that: YES. YES, IT MOST DEFINITELY IS. We spent a weekend in Essaouira at the start of our Morocco …

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Favourite Things: DC Edition

We lived in Washington D.C. for a couple of months last year while I was doing an internship at the Smithsonian. Now, our friends will attest that we talk a lot of crap about D.C., so I thought it’s time to set the record straight. Behind the veil of complaining about the weather and all …

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