How can afford to travel so much? 

Well, we account being able to travel so much to three different things:

  1. Traveling off-season = most destinations are significantly more affordable if you travel outside the 6 weeks of peak summer; and to be honest, it’s significantly more enjoyable too.
  2. Airbnb! This is a big one. We got crazy lucky when we moved to London two years ago when a friend of ours let us rent his amazing flat from him, AND allowed us to : it! So, 80% of the time we weren’t traveling unless we got an Airbnb booking. That means that our weekends and long-weekends away were financially mostly covered by Airbnb monies – and a flat in Shoreditch, London comes in high demand.
  3. Traveling smartly! We keep our eyes on specials and sales (like that time we bought a £9 flight to Ireland), try and stick to one airline for longer flights to build up miles, and use sites like Trivago to get all the listed prices for one room compared in one place and pick the cheapest options. And, barring extenuating circumstances (like moving countries), we never ever pay for check-in luggage.

Where do you get time to travel so much? 

If you read our About page, you’ll know that we are not full-time travelers, even though we are always on the road! So if we are working and studying full time, where do we get time for all this galavanting? WE MAKE TIME. Ha. Honestly. It’s so much easier than you’d think. Sometimes it comes with sacrifices – like not sleeping on four different 10-hour flights between three continents as you finish your final thesis – but it’s worth it in the end.

How many countries have you been to? 

All together, we have been to 49 countries!

What is your favourite country (outside of your home country)?

Annchen: TURKEY! The food, the people, the history, the incredible diversity, the weather, the cats…;) I have a full love affair with this country.

Joel: Mozambique, for its rugged unspoilt tropical landscapes, and the fact that you can snorkel with whale sharks!

What’s the first country you’ve ever visited?

Annchen: When I was 6, we road tripped from Cape Town up to and through Zimbabwe with our neighbours

Joel: Ecuador!

Where is your current HQ (aka home)? 

Finally, after hopping around for 3 and a half months, it’s BERLIN! And we are so excited to see what Berlin living is all about.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt from traveling? 

Annchen: Be flexible! I’ve enjoyed traveling so much more, and found so much more value in it, after I’ve learned to just be flexible and enjoy the moment – however it plays out.

Joel: Don’t be afraid to meet people – it makes experiences richer.

If you could eat any meal from any country right now, what would it be? 

Annchen: TURKISH (see the pattern here?). Eggplant moussaka and sütlaç (rice pudding) for dessert. hmmmm. See what other Turkish food you should be eating here.

Joel: Greek. Hit me up with a souvlaki wrapped in soft pita bread, smothered with tzatziki.

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