Our Story


Joel was born and raised in California, and after a post-high school stint in New Zealand, he returned to the States and vowed never to leave the country again. Well what a farce that was, because flash-forward just a little bit and he is packing his bags to head to SOUTH AFRICA, of all places, for a month to help out at a non-profit after he met some South Africans at a summer camp in California. One month eventually turned into one year.

This is where he met me, Annchen, a South African born and raised in Cape Town. Joel’s one year turned into eight or something, within which I got a degree in fine arts and another in curatorship, joel did his postgrad in sustainable development, worked all the jobs he could find, and we got married and acquired two kittens.

We really started juggling traveling and full time working/studying around four or five years ago, when Joel started working for an ecommerce company that focused on workplace environment satisfaction rather than hours logged at desk (and later abolished any requirements to commute to/be in the office) and I started the long road of full time postgraduate studies. It was somewhere in 2014, after attending a wedding in Tel Aviv, and haphazardly crossing the border into Jordan while making our own way to Petra, that we were infected with the sense of adventure, a desire to understand life outside our borders, and a belonging in the community of travelers met on the road – true wanderlust.

We started hopping around as I pursued museum internships around the world, before we moved to London about two years ago where I started my first MA degree. Since then we have been having conference calls in Thailand, writing essays in Vietnam, watching town halls in Egypt, reading African philosophy in Spain, and generally juggling exploring, traveling and full time working and studying from all the corners of the earth. Sometimes it works out – like when I ‘gained’ 9 hours on a deadline because I was flying from Hanoi to London the day that I two papers due – other times it doesn’t – like when Joel had to race against time from one place to the next in Cavtat, Croatia, in order to find a place with the perfect balance of internet connection and (lack of) noise levels in time for his call – but mostly it’s just one great, big adventure…even when it happens in little chunks.


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Us and our bedouin driver in Wadi Rum and the sweet memory of my first selfie and finding wanderlust.